What is Electronic Warfare?

Since its inception in World War II, the special activity called Electronic Warfare (EW) has been regarded as one of the most important military disciplines used within Signals Intelligence (SIGINT).  SIGINT, which embodies both Communications Intelligence (COMINT) and Electronic Intelligence (ELINT)  employs, in most cases, unique equipment and operators which can provide Military Commanders advanced warning of communications or radar transmissions that may be in use and or operating around them. Upon detection of these emissions, operators are required to recognize them, determine if they pose a direct threat, and react accordingly. Emission analysis may also determine their identity, the radiating source, and through passive correlation, the transmitting location. The electronic signatures associated with these types of emissions can originate from a wide variety of weapons and systems that themselves may be of either a friendly or hostile nature. A highly skilled EW operator, with a superior understanding of both Friend and Foe, is needed to perform these applications and duties. EW can provide the needed combat edge in determining which one is who, long before the originating source appears on your radar screen.

EW is also referred to as being "The 1st Line of Defense".

Who would benefit from this training?

EWCS’s primary focus is the training and professional development of today’s EW operators. Seminars are also extended to junior Engineers and Universities, including High Schools, - the operators of tomorrow.  Our specialized EW training packages are positioned to give students an in-depth look into EW, its history,  and its operational and tactical uses.  Some conditions apply.

EWCS is very pleased to introduce Leading-Edge EW Simulation software.  Considered by many as a TRACSVAN in a laptop, this leading edge 3D EW tool allows EWCS to create the signal environment that your operators face today and the threats they may encounter tomorrow.

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