Arthur G Self, B.Sc., Ph.D, P.Eng
President, Artana Solutions Inc.
Dr. Arthur Self

Dr. Self  has over 25 years of experience in Electronic Support (ES), Electronic Attack (EA) and Electronic Protection (EP),including eleven years at a UK MOD research establishment leading the development of a broad range of Electronic Warfare (EW) systems for UK forces before joining a Canadian EW company. His career has spanned Govt R&D and several senior positions in the Defense Industry. During this, he has  led a broad range of activities which included extensive R&D into new receiver, processing and frequency extension technologies including the development of novel, next generation passive marine sensor and countermeasure products and expendable concepts. Expendable EW included Army, Air Force and Navy concepts, novel developments and field trials [communications and radar]. Dr. Self  continues to publish and am a reviewer for the IEEE.

A proven, hands-on leader with an extensive range of EW systems design and technology expertise focused on providing customer value, including:-

  • Experienced Systems Engineer - Requirements Definition, System Design, Design Reviews, Acceptance Testing, etc.
  • Many years of experience managing new ES/EA/EP R&D, new product developments as well as in-service equipment upgrades.
  • Led signal propagation trials (VHF, UHF up to 20Ghz) and the development of new signal propagation loss prediction models.
  • Expert in ES/EA/EP systems for naval, airborne and ground-based applications.
  • IEEE Reviewer on EW Technology as well as supporting DND on reviews of proposed internal EW Technology programs.
  • Author of key publications on Intercept Time:-
    • “EW Intercept Probability – its evolution” Journal of Electronic Defense, August 2006
    • Collaborated with Dr R G Wiley on his new book “ELINT: the Interception and Analysis of Radar Signals”, published by Artech House. ISBN 1-58053-924-5. Author of Chapter 4 entitled “Probability of Intercept”.
  • Regular Author for the Naval Forces magazine ( 4 papers in 2009/2010; 2 in 2011).
  • Expert witness on Shipborne EW matters for a US Defense company.
  • Hands-on and project management of an extensive range of technologies [optical, RF, digital, software, etc].
  • Author and Instructor on 3-day Technology seminars:-
    • “Integrated Shipborne Protection”
    • “Tri-Service Offboard Countermeasures”
  • Overall, Dr. Self has an extensive technology and project management background with the much wider appreciation of platforms and sensor EMI/EMC issues.

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