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Founded in 1999, by Mr. Robert Langille and based in Ottawa, Ontario, EWCS is a Canadian Defence Consulting Corporation that specializes in the Professional Development of military personnel in Electronic Warfare, with additional dedicated support in the areas of Project Management and Development, Proposal Support, Critical Infrastructure Protection and Defence Security.

EWCS is a facility cleared company through the Canadian Industrial Security Program and holds both a Level III Top Secret (SIGINT) and a NATO Secret security clearance. In addition, EWCS is also a member of the Canadian Controlled Goods Program.

Robert joined the Canadian Armed Forces in 1977 and was employed in Her Majesty's Canadian Navy for 24 years in the unique world of Electronic Warfare (EW). Through his extensive experience and dedication he earned from his superiors, subordinates and peers, a well-deserved reputation as one of the most operationally skilled EW experts in the Fleet. Robert was entrusted with many senior enlisted appointments during his career, some of which were atypical of his peers.

From 1981 onwards, Robert operationally provided dedicated EW support to the Canadian Naval Fleet through a variety of Maritime Command and Fleet School staff positions that encompassed Naval EW Readiness, Naval Intelligence, Signal and Intercept Analysis, Naval SIGINT Policies, EW Simulations & Training and Project Development. As Canada’s Naval EW Intelligence Database Manager for over 12 years, he was directly responsible for the reprogramming of Tactical Mission Libraries for Naval Electronic Surveillance equipment, and the use of these systems as an Operational Intelligence resource in support of Canadian Naval operations. His knowledge of “The Threat”, EW Mission Library generation, world Radar’s and their user’s (Electronic Order of Battle) was unsurpassed.

From the results of an extensive research process, Robert has also managed to graphically trace EW from its early historical origins to its tactical and strategic uses today. His lessons do not just provide operators a solid knowledge base of EW; they are also aimed at establishing a starting point from which they can effectively evolve within their own timelines.

Some of Robert's historical research has also been credited in a few websites and he was recently congratulated for his assistance in "Waves as Weapons - The history of Electronic Warfare in the Royal Norwegian Navy 1945-1995" by Řyvind Garvik, a retired EW and a former Commander in the Norwegian Navy.

Robert's activity in finding answers has also compelled him to create his own writings on EW and he hopes his 8 year long production is nearing its final stages.

As an Associate of Lansdowne Technologies Inc, EWCS provides project management support for some of their business initiatives. EWCS has established relationships with many other EW companies, both nationally and internationally, Canadian Industry, international research fellows and Canadian Defence. In addition, EWCS is a member of the Canadian Government Controlled Goods Program (CGP), the Canadian Industrial Security Program governed by Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) and the Lobbyist Act of Canada.

Robert is the past President of Canada’s Maple Leaf Chapter for the Association of Old Crows, a tenure which he held from 2004-2009. In his spare time, Robert is the Executive Assistant and Caddy to Ms. Anouk Guelidi, a golfing professional from France, who is currently a member of the Canadian Professional Golfing Association (CPGA) and a former member of the French PGA, The Ladies-European PGA  and  the LPGA.

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