Electronic Warfare - Operational Support

Electronic Warfare Operational Support is offered by EWCS in the following areas:

1. Order of Battle (OOB) Analysis and Reports:
The need to understand a countries military might has been used for many years. Do you require an in-depth look into ones weapons and the platforms they are fitted to?

Land Surface Associated Weapons Sub-Surface Airborne

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2. Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) Analysis and Reports:
Derived from the understanding of one's Military Order or Battle, an EOB provides both the known range of emitters and their frequency coverage.  Ideal for those companies involved in selling Electronic Support Systems and Countries seeking them.

EOB Example

EOB Tasking Spreadsheet - Click to Enlarge

3. Equipment Analysis and Reports:
Are you thinking of purchasing an Electronic Support, Electronic Attack or a Electronic Protection system?  Or maybe you are trying to sell one. Let us provide you a third-party analysis of your intended system, what its capabilities and limitations are,  and how it could be integrated into your existing infrastructure to support your mission needs.

4. EW Database Management and Operational Support/Processes:
EWCS, with its extensive resources, has the ability to provide you leading-edge database applications and concepts that will let you build or amplify your existing EW team, your equipment and the processes needed to support your many EW mission needs.

Electronic Warfare Operational Support

The Intelligence Cycle

5. Tactical Gaming/Training - Peacetime and Multi-Threat EW Scenarios:
Through the use of advanced simulation software, including the understanding of your own OOB/EOB, EWCS can provide realistic tactical training scenarios and game mission briefs to support your EW team against the threats of your choice. (Some conditions apply)

Blue Task Force Orange Task Force Emission Simulation
and Intercept
Picture Compilation Engagements

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6. Historical Research Reports:
To support your research needs, EWCS, as a experienced research analyst, offers support in researching  historical information for Radar,  EW and other military applications.

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