Radar Analysis Training Course

Radar Analysis Training Course

Radar Control Room


It is very important to understand the types of signals that are present in the Radio Frequency spectrum and their characteristics. Has it been a while since you opened up a math book or looked at some equations? In some EW occupations the process to understand or conduct in-depth ELINT analysis often occurs later in your career, long after you have discarded your calculator and in most cases, because of back-log, long after it has been collected by the tasked equipment. Need a refresher? Or are you about to occupy a new position that requires this unique skill set? ELINT analysis is an important function that cannot be taken lightly.  Be prepared.

Course Abstract

Taught by some of the best instructors around, this course takes the ELINT analyst candidate through a little bit of math, Radar theory and how some of these applications are applied, not only in EW, but in Radar as well.  Covering five days, learn everything about Radar transmitters and EW receivers, learn in-depth about radar signals characteristics that are transmitted and how types of EW receivers interpret them.  Learn how to spell EW.

Lesson 1 General Discussion;
Lesson 2 Radar Theory;
Lesson 3 ELINT Databases;
Lesson 4 EW Receivers;
 Lesson 5 Collecting and analyzing waveforms;
 Lesson 6 How to visually analyze Radar; and
 Lesson 7 Final Course review


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